Apliiq teamed up with Jane to create a custom line with her signature leopard print fabric.  The artist’s love of the pattern is seen in her everyday style, from her shoes and accessories to the tattoo on her head! It was only a matter of time for it to translate into an expression of her own, and a custom collaboration with Apliiq was in the works. The collection is featured and sold exclusively on the Apliiq website at www.janebang.apliiq.com and karmaloop.com, and includes a unisex hoodie, a mens and womens tank, a womens v-neck and a mens cardigan.

everyone asks you where you got it, everyone wants their own.

Apliiq x Jane Bang Hoodie Consumer Review

About Apliiq- Apliiq is a new media fashion company that collects rare, deadstock and recognizable fabrics and applies them to everyday garments.  Apliiq.com celebrates the experience of fabric expression by offering limited edition and custom appliqué products. Each Apliiq product is made to order in downtown Los Angeles and comes packaged in a re-usable fabric bag.  Shop the new collection now! janebang.apliiq.com

I just love leopard print… I can’t get enough haha. It started from punk rock and grew into an obsession. I didn’t even realize how much the pattern had infiltrated my everyday life, not until I stepped into the Apliiq studio and it was pointed out to me. At first I was embarrassed at my fanaticism, but right away I realized that same passion was the whole reason behind this collaboration, this creation, and I owned it. like, really owned it. And now I want you to own it, too!” – Jane Bang on her new collection.